Artefacts & Waterfeatures

Skilled craftsmen relentlessly chisel into a variety of woods and stone to create these astounding pieces. This skill is passed from generation to generation rendering unique characteristic to the region they are crafted in. You can even find these gorgeous pieces in fiberglass, concrete, and terrazo adding a touch of luxury in simplicity to the atmosphere. One can find water features and statues in various sizes.  Nostalgia transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary for you in both the interior and exterior spaces.  

Skilled craftsmen using a variety of stone, concrete, fibreglass and wood, create the statues. One can find anything from the Buddha heads, to Ganesha, and all the other abstractions of art that enhance and adorn both your inner and outer spaces. 

Fibre Buddha Torso Statue on Stand


Wooden Standing Buddha Statue with Gold Leaf

Green Standing Buddha

Ganesha Water Feature with Column Base

Ganesha W.F

Fu Dog Pair Set For Protection With Base

Fu Dog Photo Shot

Large Buddha Water fountain Panel

Buddha Water fountain

Stone Buddha Head Mounted on Stone Base

Buddha head with Stand

Large Fibre Stone Buddha Head Fountain


Buddha Face Fountain Panel With Base

Buddha Face

Limestone Art Work Piece

Art Work

Fiber Dancing Girl Statue


Fiber Reclining Buddha


Mahogany Wood Buddha


Pair of Stone Elephants


Fibre Standing Buddha


Stone & Concrete Monk

23 (2)

Concrete Elephant & Base


Timor Primitive Figurine Wood Statues


Large Fibre-Stone Buddha Statue


Happy Baby Monk Fiber Statue


Green Stone & Concrete Mix Buddha Statue


Fiber Buddha Statue


Concrete Ganesha Statue


Coral Mounted on Bark

06 (2)

Baby Monk Statue


4 Face Limestone Buddha Statue

4 Face Buddha

Suar Wood Buddha With Mala In Hand


Concrete Ganesha Fountain With Base

05 (2)

Suar Wood Buddha Head On Base-Antique Finish


Both Side Limestone Artwork On Base

03 (2)

Pair of Concrete Elephant With Base

Set of 2 Elephant Stone

Wooden Sitting Buddha With Gold Leaf

Wooden Seating Buddha

Naturally Three Shaded Marble Aum

Marble OM

Marble Horse Face

Marble Horse

Limestone Namaste Buddha

Lime Stone Namaste Buddha

Rosewood Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha